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Bresson Kenny (g), Kiuchi Masaki (b), Kinoshita Akihiro (g), Imai Takamasa (dr), Reed David (vo)

A band dedicated to answering the big questions.
Is this real life? Do other people have emotional experiences? What color is her skin?
If you are old enough to urge yourself forward into the seamless void, flesh ablaze,
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New Album


1. awful pop song
2. indispensible physiological function in a living body
3. message to the dsn
4. regrets
5. i forgive
6. the grand charade
release date: 02 August 2017

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rain, in other words

rain, in other words

1. touchblind
2. manifesto
3. bug turns back
4. lacquer
5. worn strapped to white fog
6. see you
release date: 02 December 2015

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music video

awful pop song
Taken from the e.p. "BEES"

Cinematography and editing by moogroom

Taken from the e.p. "rain, in other words"

Director & Editor : Yokna Patofa